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Sunday, June 5, 2011

So sorry I disappeared

I just haven't had anything to share for awhile.... We got caught up in buying a house and I've been trying to stay afloat at school. I have 16 lovies in my class and I'm proud to say that 11 of them are reading on or above grade level. For my first full year of teaching, and with the dynamic of my school, I'm pretty proud of that.

My kiddos have 4.5 days of school left, and I have 3 work days after that. This summer I'm doing two weeks of teacher training. I'm doing one related to the reading assessments we use, and another one at the NCCAT . I'm hoping to gain a lot of powerful knowledge.

Tomorrow I'll be spending half the day outside for field day. It's expected to be about 90..which is actually a cool down compared to the last week. Last year I got majorly overheated at field day and spent the rest of the day sick. I'm hoping that doesn't repeat this year.

Next school year I promise to be a better blogger (and hopefully more creative).