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Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Design

I'm hoping someday when I hit big time blogger status that someone will make me a rockin' custom layout, however until that day I found a super cute design at I went cheap for the first layout...just $10! My husband would have a cow if I spent $25+ on a blog layout.

In classroom news, yesterday I went to the awesome teacher supply store. Last year I swear they had tons of penguin stuff...not so much this year. I'm so bummed. I got some penguin decals, some black and silver border, and some penguin pencils and paper. I'm going to try and find some penguin border and name plates online. I did however score big at JoAnn's Fabrics. They had super cute penguin fabric. I'm going to use it to make some little curtains for 2 shelves I have in my room. I was so excited to find it yesterday! Then when the super sweet girl was cutting the fabric for me she asked what I was making. When I said I was a teacher she informed me they have a teacher discount program. In case you didn't know, if you sign up at your local JoAnn's you get 15% off your total purchase! Score! I'm hoping to get this curtains up in my room and post some pics this week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1 in the classroom

Yesterday I went in for a couple hours to get started. I underestimated how overwhelming it would be. Seeing all the boxes I had packed (plus some that randomly ended up in there that weren't mine), and the furniture all over the place was a little traumatic haha. I did clear out one of the closets and put all my math, reading, and social studies texts and manuals where I want them. I put down the carpet for my library center, fixed my chair in there, and moved 3 of the bookshelves where I want them. I have a pretty good idea of where I want all the furniture, I just need someone to help me move it in place. They waxed the floors and you absolutely aren't allowed to drag anything on them...for that reason I need a buddy haha. I did bring a couple of projects home.

Tomorrow my bff Blake and I are going to do some classroom shopping. I'm going to get some fabric to cover the bulletin boards and to make a couple cute little curtains for some shelves I have. I'm hoping to find some penguin fabric for the curtains :::::fingers crossed:::::: I'm going to go back next week and continue working. I think that once a week until our workdays start will be enough. I also need some help from my hubby. He is great at putting hooks for backpacks in the closet, scraping tape of desks, and moving furniture. I'm hoping when it gets closer to school starting that the building will be open on a Saturday so that we can get in and do that stuff.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awesome Giveaway

Erica Bohrer and 11 other awesome bloggers have teamed up for an ultimate giveaway! I don't even want to share it because I want to win so bad. I love all the bloggers out there though so I will share it. Go here to check it out! Let me know if you win!

Hello Again!

I really wasn't joking when I said I stink at blogging. I got super busy (and unmotivated) at the end of the year and pretty much gave up. This will be my second year teaching 1st grade. Technically my 2nd official year of teaching too because, my first half year didn't count for squat. We got a new principal. I met her yesterday and she seems wonderful. That was great to see, but I still worry about new rules and expectations. I had to move rooms (I'm the lone 1st grade teacher upstairs now). Tomorrow I intend to spend a couple hours in my room. I'm still paranoid that they'll make me move again. Our school is renovating and we have teachers EVERYWHERE. I don't want to get started just to have to start over.

I spent a week training with the North Carolina Teacher Academy and a week at NCCAT (NC center for the advancement of teaching) at Ocracoke Island. I got so many great ideas. Between that and blogland I'm so pumped to start the year next month. I hope I can keep my enthusiasm up when I'm spending 12 hours a day at school.

In other husband and I officially start training to become foster parents in September. We have struggled with infertility and are excited to move to this next step.

I felt like my classroom as not even half as cute as the ones I see in blogland. My theme this year is penguins. Any clever ideas for me?