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Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1 in the classroom

Yesterday I went in for a couple hours to get started. I underestimated how overwhelming it would be. Seeing all the boxes I had packed (plus some that randomly ended up in there that weren't mine), and the furniture all over the place was a little traumatic haha. I did clear out one of the closets and put all my math, reading, and social studies texts and manuals where I want them. I put down the carpet for my library center, fixed my chair in there, and moved 3 of the bookshelves where I want them. I have a pretty good idea of where I want all the furniture, I just need someone to help me move it in place. They waxed the floors and you absolutely aren't allowed to drag anything on them...for that reason I need a buddy haha. I did bring a couple of projects home.

Tomorrow my bff Blake and I are going to do some classroom shopping. I'm going to get some fabric to cover the bulletin boards and to make a couple cute little curtains for some shelves I have. I'm hoping to find some penguin fabric for the curtains :::::fingers crossed:::::: I'm going to go back next week and continue working. I think that once a week until our workdays start will be enough. I also need some help from my hubby. He is great at putting hooks for backpacks in the closet, scraping tape of desks, and moving furniture. I'm hoping when it gets closer to school starting that the building will be open on a Saturday so that we can get in and do that stuff.

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