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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Newest Literacy Endeavors

As any first grade teacher knows, so much growth is expected out of first graders. Here in NC they are suppose to come in on a level 6 and go out on a 20. I am ALWAYS looking for ways to encourage my lovies to keep reading! My addiction to teacher blogs is paying off with some cute ideas. I figured I share them here in case you haven't seen them yet:

1. I know I saw this on a blog, but I can't find it again. Feel free to leave me a message and I will give credit where credit is due. I bought some of those $1.00 reading glasses at the Dollar Tree (I LOVE that place!). I popped the lenses out and they are now magic reading glasses. I am taking them to school tomorrow to try out. I know they will be a hit during independent reading center.

2. Book club Packets! I got this fantastic idea from Ms. Van Ormen's blog and I decided it was the perfect idea for my highest readers. I made packets of comprehension questions for a Junie B. Jones book. They I assigned due dates for groups of three chapters at a time. They should have the entire book done by this coming Monday. This has freed up time for me to meet with lower groups, and I'm only meeting with this group once per week. They are given time daily to work on these either alone or together, so it is not expected to be extra homework. So far they are enjoying being "big kid readers" and doing a great job with their work. I'm going to try and include links to the two packets I've made when I figure out how! <~~~Junie B. Jones and that Meanie Jim's Birthday (how do I rename the link?)


  1. Jenna- I fixed the link on my blog. I too am a blogging newbie and I too am soooo hooked. I literally can't wait to get home and check out my reading list and see what new ideas I can work into my classroom. I use glasses in my read around the room station and just bought the birthday party glasses at Target and popped out the lenses. Are you LOVING first grade?!

  2. Love the reading glasses. Great find.

    Ms. M