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Sunday, March 13, 2011

What's new this week....

I wanted to share a couple fun things we did last week.

The first one I can't take credit for because it's straight out of our reading curriculum (Reading Street). We worked on long e words with ea last week. I made this pyramid. Each student had to pick a card, read the word aloud, and if it has an ea they have to build the pyramid. We talked about why a pyramid has to be built from the bottom up. If the word didn't have an ea (there were some ee words thrown in) it was discarded into another pile. I also made a sheet for them to fill in with the ea words and ee words when they were complete.

Our story this week was The Dot. In the story the main character Vashti makes art by just painting dots. The theme of the story is that anyone can make a special treasure. I threw in an art center this week where the students made their own dot art. We didn't paint though, we used markers. I then hung our masterpieces in the hallway.

**Blogger is not letting me add any more pictures for some those will be added later.**

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