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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A couple projects

Today I've been working on a couple of projects at home. I was online looking up privacy shields, but they run like $8.00 for one. I don't have that kind of cash...I'm a teacher! I'm pretty sure I remember seeing these on a blog, but I'm not sure where. I also think another teacher at school mentioned making these. I just took two manilla folders and glued them together. I also added some tape for reinforcement. I'm going to laminate them when I get back to school. I'm still debating whether to decorate them (maybe with some penguins!). I'm not sure if that will be overly distracting. What do you think?

I'm also redoing my word wall words. Last year I wrote my words on notecards with different colors and put them on the word wall. This year I typed them up and glued them to construction paper. I'm also going to laminate these before cutting them again. I wish I had a laminator at home! The cabinets in my room have cork board all down the front so I use that as my word wall. I'm so glad to have that! What do you store your word wall words in while not using them?


  1. I store my word wall words by week in an envelope. The envelops are labeled like this Theme 1 week 1. Then they go in a cutie box. :)

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  2. One of my second grade teacher friends lets her kids decorate their privacy folders. :o)

    I need to make some! :o)