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Monday, August 29, 2011


Shh! Quiet! Turn your voices off!

We've been back to school for three days and this is all I've gotten done saying. Now granted it's only been 3 days, but I'm at my wits end. They talk constantly, and get so loud when I give them independent work. This group also seems to have absolutely no idea what NO TALKING means.

What strategies do you use? Please help?

One thing I've thought about doing is having a contest between the tables and having them earn marbles as a table when they are quiet and doing work. I'm not sure of a prize for the winners though.


  1. Have you seen the voice barometers? A few people (blogs) have posted them. It says no talking, whisper voice, speaking voice, screaming and shouting. We went over and modeled when it was okay to use all of these types of voices. The visual really seemed to help a lot of my students. They whispered to each other "um the clip is at no talking so could you please stop I'm trying to work". So sweet! I hope this helps...I would search in google reader "voices" or "talking" to find the chart.
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  2. We call it Volume Control Levels and it has made my first 14 days of school awesome! :)

  3. I use a system in my class that works wonders! I posted about it here:

    Second grade has an extremely chatty and challenging group last year and several of those teachers adopted this system. It's the easiest system I've ever used and it keeps the kids responsible. Plus, parents ABSOLUTELY know what's going on.